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“We finally made it! We didn’t meet a soul on our journey to adventure, just peace, the sense of freedom, and what’s important in life.”

Kristýna and Lukáš, ootoolno cabin in the air

About ootoolno

“Alongside my management career, I’ve always been involved in other creative and sporting activities. However, I soon realised that the pace I was setting was unsustainable, and I started thinking about space to rest and pause. That’s when the first idea of ootoolno was born.”

Jiří Brada, founder of the project

We write a blog

How best to fight stress and other anxieties of our time? Why should we be looking forward to something every day? How can you make your mind a new superpower? Read on and, most importantly, remember that relaxation is not a weakness, and sitting on a tree stump in the woods will always be a good idea.