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The cabins can be found in the picturesque region of Vysočina near the town of Jihlava. Two are located near the village of Batelov, the third is near the village of Buková. In order to preserve the site’s undisturbed nature, you’ll receive the exact location after booking your stay. It’s possible to get to the locations by car, which you can park in the vicinity of the cabin.

No need to worry, all ootoolno cabins are made by a company with 14 years’ experience in building tree parks, lookout towers, etc. Even with the flying cabin (air), you don’t have to worry about your safety. The probability of it falling is about the same as for an airplane, or being hit by an asteroid. Thanks to the pull-up steps, no intruders can access the platform, so you can enjoy nature with complete peace of mind. All cabins are also hidden in remote spots, so you’re unlikely to meet any passers-by.

You can appreciate your picturesque ootoolno cabin in both sunshine and rain: it’s designed for all weathers. In the case of severe weather and other extreme conditions, your reservation will be cancelled and you’ll be able to choose another date.

There’s a good chance, but we hope you’ll remember this thoughtful, contemplative ‘boredom’ with gratitude for the rest of your life. Watch nature waking up and falling asleep, read the MOODRO cards prepared by us, listen to the reflective, specially compiled OOTOOLNO playlist. Dedicate yourself to your loved one, perhaps with the help of prepared conversation topics that will deepen your relationship. And most importantly, dedicate some time to yourself. Find balance and harmony. Maybe after a very long time, without the overwhelming noise of the city and society, you’ll hear your inner voice again.

No, you won’t. The cabin has an insulated construction with additional heating. During colder weather, you can simply turn it on and in a moment the room will warm up nicely. You can also make hot tea or coffee.

In each ootoolno hut you’ll find a separate room with a chemical toilet. So just like at home, there’s no need to run behind the bushes.

We use solar power to light up the dark and allow you to charge your phone via USB. You won’t find conventional electrical sockets in the ootoolno cabin.

The kitchenette has a sink with running water. In keeping with our philosophy of leaving the place completely untouched, we bring the water in and out. So keep in mind that amounts are limited. For the same reason there is no shower on site.

Please bring your own food and drinking water. There’s a cold kitchen on site with water for tea and coffee. Food can be stored in a thermobox. Alternatively, you can also visit one of the local restaurants (you’ll get some tips from us).

All types of ootoolno cabins are designed for an adult couple. However, for the flying cabin (air) you have to climb up a ladder. So consider your options. It’s suspended 4 metres off the ground and is not recommended for people with medical conditions or a fear of heights. In total, your combined weight must not exceed 250 kg. Please leave your pets at home.

Apart from food, drink, comfortable clothes, and shoes that are suitable for the forest, only a willingness to surrender to silence and contemplation.

It depends on the chosen date. Depending on the season, the price range is between 3 and 5 thousand CZK per night. You can use the AIR cabin from 4:00 p.m. on a given day until 12:00 p.m. on the following day and the EARTH cabin from 3:00 p.m. on a given day until 11:00 a.m. on the following day.

If you let us know in time, we’ll be happy to choose another date for you. Rescheduling less than one month before arrival is subject to the following cancellation policy:

  • up to 30 days before arrival, cancellation is charged at 0% of the total amount of the original date(s),

  • 29–14 days before arrival, cancellation is charged at 50% of the total amount of the original date(s),

  • 13–7 days before arrival, cancellation is charged at 75% of the total amount of the original date(s),

  • and less than 7 days before arrival, 100% of the total amount of the original date(s) will be charged for cancellation.

Through the booking portal here on the website. Just choose the date and fill in the necessary details. After payment, we’ll send you all the necessary information to have the coziest experience of your life.

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