You can't build your own cabin in six months. You can't stand out with an average design. You can't just put a cabin in a meadow and expect miracles.

Let's become partners, we will help you to stand out.

Do you want to start a glamping business or expand your current offer? Take advantage of our exclusive OOTOOLNO partnership and franchise model.

We will turn your land into a profitable business or bring new revenue streams to your current business.

We are looking for owners of attractive land and operators of accommodation and adventure projects who will work with us to fulfil the OOTOOLNO vision and create unique experiences in nature across Europe.

The purchase of our cabin is not the end, but only the beginning.

We'll be actively involved in its operation so you can immediately celebrate success in glamping.

We are not just another cabin seller.


The cooperation takes place in three variants – you can do business with us on the basis of an OOTOOLNO franchise or within the OOTOOLNO partnership. You can also purchase our cabins for private, non-commercial purposes.

OOTOOLNO franchise

A great way to generate side income. Do you run a luxury mountain resort, a fine dining restaurant, or a wine estate, own a castle with a picturesque garden, a family farm, or a golf club? Then the franchise model is perfect for you. Support your existing business. Attract new clients. Give your guests an unconventional experience.

Any collaboration has to be mutually beneficial and we will provide you with full support through our brand, platform, and central marketing in addition to business and operational know-how.

OOTOOLNO partnership

A safe way to start your glamping business even without previous experience. You buy our cabin and run it under the OOTOOLNO brand. Thanks to us, you will not be alone and you will avoid mistakes and dead ends. You will ensure an attractive income and maximum return on investment.

Create unforgettable experiences with us. In exchange for a portion of your revenue, we will actively market your availability and fully manage your bookings. We back our partnership with unique cabins, a trusted brand, our own booking platform, loyal clients, operational know-how, and a team of experts.

Terms of cooperation

Private purposes Franchise Partnerships
ability to rent our cabin commercially
discount on the purchase of our cabin
OOTOOLNO booking platform: booking fee 0 % 0 %
OOTOOLNO commissions 650 € / month 25% of turnover
possibility to obtain OOTOOLNO financing

Requirements for you

Private purposes Franchise Partnerships
capital for the purchase of our cabin
land suitable for placing our cabin
on-site cabin operations (cleaning, restocking, emergency service)
experience in hospitality

What OOTOOLNO provides

Private purposes Franchise Partnerships
business and operational know-how
OOTOOLNO booking platform
cabin profile on OOTOOLNO website
active marketing and brand building
account manager
media kit
technical service and revisions
complete reservation management
active pricing
communication with prospective tenants

Cabin types

Choose from three variants of our cabins. Which one will be yours?


A whole new type of experience and our star attraction. A cabin hanging in the trees.

We have developed a mobile and completely non-invasive solution that’s truly unique in the world of glamping.


Invisible and yet so expressive.

A cabin on the ground offers a novel design in perfect harmony with the surrounding countryside. And a cosy rest of course.

the invisible
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the larch
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the larch
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A new dimension for calm water.

This concept for ponds and lakes provides mobility and design appeal, in which the relaxation of mind and body plays an important role. Thanks to the transparent concept, you blend in with the surrounding life and the ‘wilderness’ below you.

Characteristics of cabins

Air Earth Water
cena 65 900 € 61 700 € 76 200 €
doprava a implementace from 7 000€ from 4 300 € from 4 300 €
year-round operation
on-grid connectivity electricity electricity, water, waste
location non-invasive suspension between 4 – 6 trees a plot of land on which the zoning permits the placement of | implementation on screws or footings permanent water surface (pond, lake)
area 16,8 m2 14,4 m2 (plus terrace 4,9 m2) 23,7 m2
dimensions m (L×W×H) 5,5 × 3,1 × 2,9 5,4 × 3,1 × 3,4 6,1 × 3,9 × 3,66
mobility (relocatability)
main room
corner for built-in kitchen
toilet room
warranty 2 years 2 years 2 years
delivery 2 – 6 months 2 – 6 months 6 months


Air Earth Water
skeleton load-bearing aluminium structure solid wood (KVH prisms) solid wood (KVH prisms) | steel pontoon structure | floats
professional wall composition for wooden buildings (OSB, mineral insulation, vapour barrier/diffusion foil, separating layers, air gaps)
interior cladding made of solid wood
insulation (double glazing, mineral insulation in the floor, walls and roof)
external cladding
metal roof with functional plumbing details


Air Earth Water
electrical wiring, sockets
lighting and switches
mobile toilet
off-grid water
off-grid independent heating extra price extra price
off-grid solar system (panels, batteries, controller) extra price extra price
on-grid shower extra price

indoor equipment

. Air Earth Water
built-in kitchen (line, faucet, sink, cabinets)
storage and stowage spaces
built-in bed extra price extra price

What’s next?


Reviewing your answers

We will review your answers and get back to you as soon as possible.



During the call, we will clarify the necessary information and agree on the process of cooperation.


Property visit

Together we will determine the best franchise structure based on location, land and local opportunities.


Agreeing the terms and conditions

If the land and everything else is to both parties’ satisfaction, we set about creating the terms of the collaboration.


Implementation of your cabin

We sign all the contracts, you purchase a cabin and we deliver and implement it turnkey.


Providing know-how

We pass on the business, operational, and marketing know-how. We will help you with everything we agree on.



You welcome your first guests.


  • You invest your time and money wisely. Without any clichés, developing your own concept is long and expensive if you want to create something high quality and exceptional.
  • You reduce the risks of starting a business. Especially when you don’t have any business experience, market knowledge or a brand yet.
  • You don’t buy our cabin, you buy a collaboration. Unlike our competitors, we are not just ordinary cabin sellers. We sell years of development, a passion for creating unforgettable experiences and a fair win-win collaboration.
  • Eco travel, health and wellness, outdoor, experiential accommodation. These are the areas that have been speaking into global trends in recent years. But it’s not about the hype of the moment. Countries like the US or Scandinavia clearly show that it is a deeper issue.
  • Even the forecasts for the European market are long-term growth.
  • In the Czech Republic, the market is getting saturated, but few are doing it well. That’s why glamping cabins are a long-term investment… if you work with us! We’re not trying to time the market, but we want to offer a great long-term service.
  • The price corresponds to the above-standard quality. It is a full-fledged small wooden building. We do not sell you only a cabin. We sell partnerships.
  • Compared to relevant competition our prices are comparable or even cheaper.
  • In addition, cheaper options will not give you a higher return. Only high quality and originality will keep the price and occupancy in the long run.
  • It won’t, because we’re thinking about exclusivity of place. We keep an eye on the number of cabins for a given location/country.
  • It won’t, because we always choose quality over quantity. This is what sets us apart from other tiny houses. They sell you a cabin and don’t care anymore. The result is a market with countless cabins with no meaningful strategy.
  • It won’t, because we have a vested interest. We sell you a cabin and that’s just the beginning. We’re not just cabin sellers. We are partners who help you succeed. It’s about our image, too.
  • It is not, it is the standard management fee for apartments.
  • In comparison, Airbnb will pay you a high amount just in fees and you’ll be there like a needle in a haystack. We’ll give you the know-how and our whole package of services to go with it.
  • PS. We live on success = we only make money when you make money.

OOTOOLNO has been booked out since the first bookings started. This is mainly due to knowledge of the market and active marketing. We have a sophisticated branding and communication strategy on which we base all our communication both internally and externally.

What we cover:

  • Branding and communications strategy
  • Performance marketing
  • Data analytics
  • Partnerships: influencers and ambassadors
  • Cooperation with PR agency
  • Other collaborations for higher occupancy: companies, travel agencies, etc.
  • The reason is to ensure quality standards, protect the brand and all partners, including you.
  • Even one single negative experience with a partner can damage the overall brand.
  • Because we want to grow across Europe and franchising is the only way to reach attractive locations. We’re a fan of win-win cooperation.
  • For over a year we have been developing our own booking system that will be available to you at absolutely no cost. Currently 98% of our bookings come through this platform. It also has the advantage of having all cabins in one centralized location, which increases our overall traffic.
  • However, our booking system is compatible with other systems. So if you want to sync your booking calendar with your own platform, or Airbnb, we can make arrangements.
  • At the beginning we’ll go over the options in your area and set everything up to your specifications.
  • The experiences will then be offered alongside your cabin through our platform.
  • We provide warranties for cabin and individual equipment components. Through our service company we provide warranty and post-warranty service.

Let's work together

Have you looked through our complete offer and are you interested in cooperation? Great! The following form is an important step on the new OOTOOLNO journey. Please take the time to fill it out. Without adequate information regarding the nature of the land and your needs, we will not be able to send you an offer. We look forward to hearing from you!

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