My own ootoolno cabin

ootoolno creates distinctive spaces in which to spend the cosiest nights of your life, and now you can be part of this journey as well.

There are only a few steps to owning your own ootoolno cabin. You needn’t worry about going it alone – together we can find the best solution for your plans.

You can own your own ootoolno cabin. The only thing you need to have is suitable plot of land and the desire to start writing your own ootoolno story.

To help you on this adventure we can also support you with transportation and legal or business consulting.

Cabin types we provide

Choose from three cabin versions. Which one will be yours?


A whole new type of experience and our star attraction.

A cabin hanging in the trees. We have developed a mobile and completely non-invasive solution that’s truly unique in the world of glamping.


Invisible and yet so expressive.

A cabin on the ground offers a novel design in perfect harmony with the surrounding countryside. And a cosy rest of course.

earth – the invisible variant
earth – the larch variant
earth – the greenery variant


A new dimension for calm water.

This concept for ponds and lakes provides mobility and design appeal, in which the relaxation of mind and body plays an important role. Thanks to the transparent concept, you blend in with the surrounding life and the ‘wilderness’ below you.

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Our franchisees

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