Buková, the Czech Republic

Vysočina - Buková

Type of a cabin

Number of persons

max. 2



min. age

from 6 years

price per night

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Description of a cabin

What you will find in the ootoolna

Escape from civilization to the comfort of home.

Various goodies await you in the cabin – cookies, jam, honey, coffee, cocoa, and tea. You can taste magical lattes from OH MY WOW – 100% natural drinks to combat fatigue and stress.

We don’t stock anything for breakfast, so please take something to eat with you. Food can be stored in a thermobox. Below, you can also find advice on where to eat in the area.

The kitchen has a spacious sink with running water. We bring the water to you and take it away. Don’t worry, you won’t be hauling any barrels.

Thanks to the heating, inside the cabin you’ll feel comfortable while enjoying the view through the large glass surfaces – watching the first snowflakes, for example.

We also have warm blankets, sheep’s wool slippers, and hand-knitted socks for the big winter haters.

The cottage is located in the picturesque Vysočina near the village of Třešt’. In order not to disturb the location, you will receive the exact location after booking the date. We take into account accessibility, but you will always experience the perfect escape from civilization.

By car you can get directly to the ootoolna.

You can read your favourite books, ponder over MOODRO cards or observe the surrounding water in the ootoolna. You won’t find Wi-Fi or power outlets here, only a USB for charging your phone. Take your eyes off the monitor for a moment, and watch real life unfold right in front of you.

Slow down.

Spend time with your partner, sit quietly, explore your surroundings or simply just exist.

We have good news, you don’t have to go behind the bushes.

You’ll find the toilet right in the cabin, in a separate room – so creature comforts just like at home. Don’t worry, it’s flushable. We use ‘green’ toilet products and folding toilet paper.

The cabin is technically well secured and safe. We work with a company that has over 14 years of experience in the industry.

Experiences in the area

Maybe you want to discover the surrounding nature or you want something good. We have written a few tips based on the activity that attracts you:

Křemešník – a place of pilgrimage in the woods, surrounded by legends, and on one of the highest peaks of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. Take the 3 km long nature trail on foot or by bike.

Javořice – the highest peak of the Jihlava Hills and the entire Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. Follow the yellow and then green marked footpaths to the village from Studená (approx. 7 km) or take the red marked footpath from Telč (approx. 12 km).

Quarry in Horní Cerekev – you’ll find a parking lot at the southern end of the lake, and you can look forward to clean water.

Quarry in Čenkov – a smaller flooded quarry with clear water which can be easily reached by car.

Telč Castle – a Renaissance gem where so many Czech fairy tales have been filmed. Wondering which ones? The Proud Princess is probably the most famous.

Roštejn Castle – a late Gothic castle in the romantic landscape of the Javořické Hills. It’s dominated by a 48-metre-high tower, from which a beautiful view of the surroundings awaits you.

Gustav Mahler House in Jihlava – a place not to be missed by any culture lover.

Jihlava Underground – the second largest system of underground passages in the Czech Republic.

Pelhřimov Museum of Records and Curiosities – hundreds of the largest, smallest, longest, or most difficult exhibits.

Bistrot de Papa (4.8 * Google)
A slice of France in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands – Horní Dubenky

Kozlíček Brewery (4.7 * Google)
For all beer lovers – Horní Dubenky

Summer restaurant U Roštěnky (4.3 * Google)

Manor (4.4 * Google)

Pet Store BistroBar (4.7 * Google)

Art Coffee Cafe (4.7 * Google)

Choose according to Lukáš Hejlík’s food and drink map and Google ratings.

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Jiří Brada

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