Imagine you’re lying under a fluffy duvet, with only the landscape around you and the stars above. Silence. You make a warm cup of tea or coffee and smile at your sweetheart. Time passes differently when the WiFi isn’t working and sunlight is streaming through the room. You relax, read, or just stare at the peace around you. Long into the night. There’s no hurry. Imagine the coziest moments of your life.

We are ootoolno.

A glamping concept for unconventional experiences. In the air, on land, and on water.

In the beginning there was one desire...

The desire to escape for one night to an oasis of peace. To find yourself again in a place of assured comfort. And because desires are meant to be satisfied, ootoolno was born. A levitating cabin with the most beautiful forest spectacle viewed from the comfort of bed. When we came up with the idea, we were thinking of young overworked individuals like ourselves. Right off the bat, however, it became clear that our idea could work for families, couples, groups of friends, and the older generation. In fact, the idea of switching off for a while appeals to pretty much everyone. To escape from the usual routine, to leave behind household clutter and everyday duties. Maybe just for one night.

Air, earth, and water

We started with an ootoolno cabin in the air. A flying cabin that relies on a unique non-invasive suspension system. The structure is not rigidly nailed to supporting trees. It doesn’t restrict their growth or forever share their fate. It can be taken down at any time and moved to another location.

After our initial success, we turned our attention to the ground and the floating surface of water. We’re developing new types of cabins so that we can expand across the Czech Republic and abroad, and give people the relaxation they want. Each ootoolno cabin is different, but all are united by minimalist design and maximum comfort in direct contact with nature.

Be part of the story

Our goal is to build a network of proven experiential structures across Europe that, despite their variability, will have an overarching narrative. We plan to build a glamping network for the coziest nights of your life. Be part of the story. Become a franchisee.