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ootoolno franchise

What all is included in our franchise cooperation?

ootoolno cabin turnkey

We will provide you with the technical expertise necessary for implementation and operation. We manufacture, deliver and place the cabin, including the operating equipment (heating, solar energy, etc.). We will provide warranties for the cabin and individual equipment components.

Through our service company we offer warranty and post-warranty service. Interior accessories are left up to your taste, if you are interested we can supply their designs.


We will pass on our commercial, operational and legal know-how to you. We supply lists and checklists to save time and dead ends.

We will train the staff taking care of the cabin on site. We can arrange cabin insurance for you under favourable conditions.

Marketing & Love brand

We allow you to use the love brand that we are systematically building. We will provide you with promotional materials, photos and videos. We provide homestaging and photography and create a profile on the ootoolno booking portal.

Are you unfamiliar with performance and affiliate marketing, data analytics, lack reach to influencers and media, can’t secure leads from travel agencies and companies, and capitalize on many other marketing channels? No matter, we do. However, if you are already successfully marketing your operation, we will of course leave everything under your wing.

Administration and reporting

We will cover the complete administration for you. We take care of active pricing, payments, contracts, communication with guests and coordination of cleaning and basic maintenance. The actual cleaning and daily maintenance is your sole responsibility. All while maintaining the high standards of the ootoolno franchise.

If you already have everything sorted out and fine-tuned within your existing operation, we will leave all the administration entirely up to you. We will transparently share an overview of bookings with you, including the basis for accounting.

What can you count on with us?

If you already have everything sorted out and fine-tuned within your existing operation, we will leave all the administration entirely up to you. We will transparently share an overview of bookings with you, including the basis for accounting.

Proprietary concepts that, thanks to their inventiveness, create new, untapped glamping possibilities. As economics says, where there is no saturated market, there is rent. We’ve had virtually full occupancy since launch.

Thanks to their mobility, our solutions can be allocated to areas where static accommodation structures are short. This enables the monetization of locations that would otherwise lie unused. Their innovation and high quality differentiate them significantly in the flood of interchangeable glamping concepts and, unlike them, ensure a steady flow of guests over the long term while maintaining a premium price per night.

Concepts are easy to relocate. Simply make money from day one, and if you want to use the site for other purposes later, there’s nothing stopping you. The structure will be taken away and the site will remain completely untouched.

The design is conceived in such a way that the structure, despite its unconventionality, blends naturally into the environment. Every detail combines functionality while maximising guest comfort.

Our strong marketing will provide you with a steady source of clients. In addition to the commission from the cabin itself, we will also support your main source of income from the location by bringing in new customers.

We work with entities with expertise in each area. In other words, we don’t venture into the unknown, we know what we are doing. We always put safety first.

Last but not least, you can rely on us, on ootoolno. We won’t let you down. We’ll stand by you as partners and help you with whatever you need. Because we’ll have a common goal – to build the coziest place that your visitors will love and want to come back to.

What awaits us together

First, let’s get all the expectations straight. Only in this way can we achieve satisfaction on both sides. Before signing a contract and buying a cabin, we will conduct several levels of negotiations during which we will fine-tune the franchise model and tailor all franchise parameters to your needs.

For this we will need as much information as possible from you. In particular, the following aspects:


The alpha and omega of our successful cooperation. The location should have a distinctive element that increases the potential of the cabin (uniqueness of the plot, touristic area, existing accommodation capacities on the plot, additional experiences on the plot or in the surroundings…).


The issue of the availability of facilities on your property that would allow the management of the cabin on a daily basis. Possibly the possibility of building one there.


Each of our cabins is specific in terms of implementation. For this reason, it is important for us to check whether it is possible to get it on your plot and settle it.


Each franchisee provides basic local issues, especially cleaning. We need to know if this is within your capabilities and if you have the capacity to provide everything on a daily basis.


Our solution relies on originality and uncompromising quality. From the very beginning, we have distinguished ourselves from the interchangeable glamping concepts that are increasingly flooding the market.

An investment in a cabin is an investment in expertise and personality that no one will be able to copy. This allows us to hold a premium price per night over the long term and ensures the desired appreciation.


We will share with you years of development, operational know-how, marketing expertise and the brand we are putting on the line. But most of all, we will share with you a commitment to guests who expect the coziest experience of their lives, and failure to fulfill that commitment will harm us and other franchisees. We therefore expect a fair and proactive approach with a maximum effort to meet our quality standards that will lead to a win-win cooperation. We will be motivated by our collective success. We therefore need to make sure that you are able to independently communicate with the authorities, make all the necessary arrangements or secure the necessary approvals to implement the cabin on your plot.

The right one for me


A whole new type of experience and our matador. A cabin hanging in the trees.

We have developed a mobile and completely non-invasive solution that’s truly unique in the world of glamping.


Invisible and so expressive at the same time.

A cabin “earth” offers a novel design in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature. And a cosy rest of course.


A new dimension for calm water.

The concept for ponds and lakes provides mobility and design appeal in which relaxation of mind and body plays an important role. Thanks to the transparent concept, you blend in with the surrounding life and the “wilderness” below you.


Do you have an interest, question or ambiguity? Contact our Lenka, who will advise you and arrange a phone call or personal meeting. Either with us or directly on your plot.

Lenka Šimková
Project coordinator
+420 734 687 037
ootoolno s.r.o.