A whole new type of experience and our star attraction. A cabin hanging in the trees. We have developed a mobile and completely non-invasive solution that’s truly unique in the world of glamping.

Batelov, the Czech Republic
max. 2
min. age: 6
from 3600 CZK


Wood and minimalist design play a central role. We’ve designed the cabin so that despite its uniqueness, it naturally blends into the forest environment. The verandah and the many transparent surfaces of the room offer a breathtaking spectacle. Watch the forest fall asleep and wake up in all its mystery.


Inside, its almost like being in your own living room. We’ve tried to create a space where you feel truly comfortable. Even in winter, perhaps, because the cabin is fully insulated and heated. Still, a spacious bed with a fluffy blanket is the basis of any successful adventure. There’s also a small kitchenette, a sink with water, and a snack. The cabin also has a toilet, so there’s no need to run behind a bush.


There’s no WiFi in the cabin. Lift up your eyes from the touch screen for at least a moment and contemplate the life unfolding before you. Slow down. Let yourself be carried away by the pleasant sounds of the forest, the wise words of the specially devised MOODRO cards and selected books, or play a game. Don't worry, we’ve thought of every moment.


The cabin is designed for an adult couple who aren’t afraid of a four-metre ladder. No need to worry, the load capacity of the structure is much higher than any potential stresses. It’s been made by a company with 14 years’ experience in building tree parks, lookout towers, etc. The probability of falling is about the same as that for an airplane or asteroid. Thanks to the pull-up ladder you’re perfectly protected against unwanted intrusion, so you can indulge in nature with a complete sense of security. In addition, if you have any difficulties, we’re available on the phone or on site to help you with anything.


The perfect escape from civilisation without the exhausting journey. The cabin location caters for good accessibility and convenient travel. You’ll find it in the picturesque Vysočina Region near the town of Jihlava. In order to preserve the site’s undisturbed nature, we’ll send you the exact location after booking your stay. You can get to the site by car, or there’s a three-kilometre walk if you opt to arrive by train or bus.


Nature comes first. Conventional tree houses are firmly nailed to the supporting trees, which is an invasive building method. Moreover, these trees have their growth restricted and their fate is forever bound to that of the cabin. Our solution is unique in this respect: suspending the cabin between trees is completely non-invasive and allows it to be taken down and relocated at any time, leaving the forest pristine. And there’s zero danger of flooding!