Invisible and yet so expressive. A cabin on the ground offers a novel design in perfect harmony with the surrounding countryside. And a cosy rest of course.

Batelov, the Czech Republic
max. 2
from 3100 CZK


Inspired by nature, created according to an original design. The cabin consists of mirrored surfaces on the outside, creating an eye-catching spectacle while helping it blend effortlessly into the natural environment. Inside the cabin you’ll find a harmonious and peaceful space that offers the relaxation you desire and promotes a true ootoolno experience.


Inside, its almost like being in your own living room. We’ve tried to create a space where you feel truly comfortable. Even in winter, perhaps, because the cabin is fully insulated and heated. Still, a spacious bed with a fluffy blanket is the basis of any successful adventure. There’s also a small kitchenette, a sink with water, and a snack. The cabin also has a toilet, so there’s no need to run behind a bush.


There’s no WiFi in the cabin. Lift up your eyes from the touch screen for at least a moment and contemplate the life unfolding before you. Slow down. Let yourself be carried away by the pleasant sounds of the forest, the wise words of the specially devised MOODRO cards and selected books, or play a game. Don't worry, we’ve thought of every moment.


Your safety always comes first. The cabin is technically well secured and safe, you needn’t worry about a thing. We work with a company that has over 14 years’ experience in the industry. In addition, we’re available on the phone or on site to help you with anything in case of difficulties.


The perfect escape from civilisation without the exhausting journey. The cabin location caters for good accessibility and convenient travel. You’ll find it in the picturesque Vysočina Region near the town of Jihlava. In order to preserve the site’s undisturbed nature, we’ll send you the exact location after booking your stay. You can get to the site by car, or there’s a three-kilometre walk if you opt to arrive by train or bus.


We love nature, so we strive for maximum environmental friendliness and respect, both in the building of the cabin and in daily operation and cleaning. We take care not only of the cabin itself, but also of the surrounding area. In addition, we designed the earth cabin in such a way that if necessary, we can move it to another location and leave the original site unspoiled.