Discover new and beautiful places. Slow down and enjoy time together with your loved ones in the heart of the Czech Republic, in the magical Vysočina region. Visit a secret place in the treetops where time stands still. If you haven’t heard of this literally flying tiny house, you don’t know what you’re missing. Read more in the article.

Český rozhlas

A wooden house floats among the trees in the Vysočina region. It is held above the ground by strong ropes stretched between the trunks. Glamping ootoolno was invented by Jiří Brada at a time when he was no longer fulfilled by work. He was looking for a place where he could relax and blend in with nature.


Glamping is generally seen as a return to nature. I see it more as a return to myself, says Jiří Brada, founder of the original ootoolno project.


He was burnt out at work and needed a change. He built a “flying” cabin in the woods in the Vysočina region.


The last warm days are a great opportunity to go outdoors for the weekend. Before you get post-traumatic syndrome from the memories of a damp sleeping bag and muddy socks, don’t despair and read on. We’ve picked out seven of the best glamping tips in the Czech Republic (and one just across the border) that often outdo even some hotels.