Short but intense: even a mini-vacation will reward your body and mind

Isn't waiting for a long summer holiday tiring? We have the solution. Take your rest in shorter, more regular doses and you'll feel fresh and cosy all year round. What do you think?

Come with us to believe that your work to-do list can wait a while.

Our physical and mental health needs regular relaxation, and a holiday is the right place to unwind and recharge for the tasks ahead. Have you just realised that your holiday isn’t scheduled for a few months? Then “switch off” tomorrow. Even a one-day getaway to somewhere quiet will give you lots of benefits and improve your perspective for the busy days ahead.

To touch and to listen. In a place where time passes differently. In a space full of inspiration and elemental details that fade away in our daily hustle and bustle. Listen to the sounds of the forest and curiously observe the life unfolding before you.

Benefits of a short stay:

  • You can reduce your stress level
  • You can clear your mind and your thoughts
  • You can pump up your energy reserves
  • You can break up your daily routine
  • A new environment can inspire you
  • Nature can calm you down
  • Better quality sleep can motivate you
  • You can expand your horizons
  • You can create new memories
  • You can reward your hard work
  • You can appreciate time with others
  • You can get your week moving
  • You can be more productive when you return

Short escapes from everyday life

Long hours at work, pressure, and stress can leave a negative impact on our physical and mental condition. Taking a one- or two-day holiday can be an effective way of preventing yourself from collapsing. You will disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle, stress, and responsibilities. You switch off, regenerate, and regain your strength. And if you take care of yourself in this way on a regular basis, you will generally become stronger and strengthen your ability to cope with difficult situations. That’s why short stays are so great. They allow you to relax, release tension and reconnect to your inner feelings and needs.

Getting up at your own pace

Quality sleep, nature, and digital detox. That’s the most effective combination to get the perfect rest. You don’t have to wake up to an alarm clock, you can enjoy breakfast in bed in peace and enjoy a slow walk in the woods instead of rushing to work. When was the last time you got up at your own pace?

Creative pause

A time for reflection and inspirational solitude. And perhaps also for new ideas and deeper understanding as you disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the world and connect with your inner world, which can be hugely rewarding for the creative process. When you are in a work environment or involved in your daily routine, you may lack the impetus for innovative thoughts and ideas. A short vacation will break you out of established patterns and open the way for previously undiscovered perspectives.

Be with your loved ones

When was the last time you gave your full attention to yourself or your loved ones? Fully, consciously, and without distraction and overwhelm from everyday life. Holidays are the perfect place to strengthen bonds and create unforgettable experiences. You can create space for deeper conversations, sharing emotions, and making new memories. These shared experiences will strengthen your relationships even when you return to your regular life.

Imagine how exciting that is. To soar to the heights and gaze into the endless moment of nature. Listening to the sounds of the forest and curiously observing the life that is happening below you. To experience the amazing feeling of being connected and “losing yourself” in the harmony of the surrounding landscape.

Quality over quantity

It applies to almost everything, and rest is no exception. So how do you ensure a quality rest after which you will not need another rest?

  • You need to be in control of what you do during your time off. You choose what to do during your rest. If you are always dealing with others or some of life’s woes, relaxation will lead to nothing.
  • You have to really relax. If an adventurous trip into the wilderness doesn’t make you feel good, you won’t relax. Remember, what is relaxing for others may be stressful for you.
  • Get as far away from work as you can. Try to close your laptop and your working mind and really take a break for a while.

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OOTOOLNO sees glamping as a momentary bliss in the middle of nature. The mind slows down, the body relaxes, and life gets a new perspective for a moment. How about bringing a similar comfort into your daily routine? Take care of your sleep, cheerful mood, and physical and mental health, because we shouldn’t just feel good on holiday. That’s what our well-being blog is all about. Read on and get inspired.


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