Day: December 12, 2022

Glamping is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional camping, the so-called glamour camping. These are usually designer cabins set in...

Awaken your creativity

While your colleague is constantly coming up with amazing ideas, you are trying in vain to find your creative source. Is that you? Don’t worry, it may not be your destiny forever. You can train creativity like a muscle and develop

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Listen to the music and your body

Do you prefer rock’n’roll, jazz, hip-hop or classical? Whatever your genre preference, music is a great pleasure, but listening to it can do so much more. Even research shows that it can reduce anxiety, blood pressure or pain, improve sleep quality

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What keeps us from being kinder to ourselves?

Self-pity, selfishness, self-indulgence or self-centeredness. Such erroneous associations have built up over the years about self-compassion, and now we sometimes find it really hard to get rid of them. Many people in our culture have grown to have doubts about

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About our inner monologues

How do you talk to yourselves? Is your self-talk cheerful and supportive, or does it destroy you with its negativity? You can probably guess that the latter will not be conducive to a healthy lifestyle or professional success. So let’s change that.

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Nature Therapy

You can improve your mood with a simple walk in a park in the middle of the city. And what about a weekend spent in a cabin in the woods, a complete euphoria for your chaotic mind. Nature is a good pill for all sorts of

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If the silence gets louder…

Open up space for your own thoughts. Disturbing? Maybe at first listen, actually sitting in silence will help you to be more at ease. Silence is a rare benefit these days. A valuable resource that has a very positive effect on our health,

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